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  1. I like your drawing Ben, yes there are strong energies coming thru the Sun right now, and it’s changing everything! I look forward to your next drawing :)

  2. Benjamin:

    God, remains working through you brilliantly ! Energy from our sun is God, as well as, your imagination and love for others.

    You are blessed and overflowing with talent.

    : )

  3. Hi Ben, how cool is this that you have your own website to show your drawings and photos!! I love, love, LOVE your drawings, and hope to see lots more soon. The dragon with the stars is one of my favorites, but this Phoenix is awesome as well! Big angel hug all the way from Holland xoxo

  4. I think this is just an incredible drawing and message Ben(there is so much symbolic meaning behind it)..thank you for sharing your wisdom and gifts with us. ~Flagstaff, AZ ~:O)

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